Now that Carol has hit the House floor, it is time to turn those ideas she ran on into action!



  • SB 121 by Rader and Bush - Fines and fees; allowing alternative form of payment of certain past due criminal fines and fees.
  • HB 1530 by Dunnington - co-authoring, an equal pay bill: Labor; discriminatory wages; prohibiting certain actions by employer; increasing penalties; effective date.
  • HB 1232 by West (Tammy) – co-authoring which demands lighting at section 8 housing complexes: Cities and towns; Municipal Safe Lighting Matching Grant Revolving Fund; effective date; emergency.
  • HB 1384 by Bush – passed out of committee and allows for 3 mental health consulting sessions for state employees assaulted on the job: State government; Personnel Act; requiring state agencies to provide certain counseling services; effective date.
  • HB 1381 – just trying to keep our neighborhoods safe! Cities and towns; providing exception to prohibition from registering real property for dilapidated and abandoned property; effective date.
  • HB 1468 by Bush and Holt – passed out of committee and is on Facebook page.  Will be heard on the floor this week: Criminal procedure; creating the Hidden Predator Act; modifying time limitations for prosecuting certain sexual offenses; effective date.
  • HB 1469 – will be heard this week and is the civil side of the Hidden Predator Act: Children and juvenile code; increasing penalties for failing to promptly report incidents and making false reports; effective date.
  • HB 1383 – this passed out of committee but may not be heard in A&B as it deals with the grocery tax relief and is a budget issue of about $25 million: Revenue and taxation; sales tax relief; eligibility based on income level; increases tied to Consumer Price Index; effective date.

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